Does your kid have healthy (or picky) eating habits?

Does your kid have healthy eating habits? Find out in 2 mins

Sept. 11, 2021 | Deepak Gaikwad, Co-Founder, Alemeno

All parents want their kids to eat nutritious food every day. They worry if kids do not have even one meal properly. It is natural for parents to feel concerned about well-being and growth of the kids. However, there is a strong possibility that your kids' eating behaviour is normal and your concerns could be an overreaction. How do you know if your kids' eating habits are normal and there is nothing to be worried about? And, what to do if your kids happen to be picky eater?

We wanted to answer these questions for parents. We worked with different experts - Paediatricians, Child Psychologists, Nutritionists etc - to learn more about kids' eating behaviours. With help of these experts and some of our own experiments, we created a simple tool to help parents answer their concerns, if any. This tool - in less than 2 mins - helps you understand how healthy your kids' eating behaviour is. 

This is how it works:

1. Parents answer 5-6 MCQs that helps us learn more about eating habits of their kids. These questions take less than 2 mins to complete.

2. The answers are then processed by our tool to come up with a percentage score for your kids eating habits

3. The tool also helps you with experts' categorization of your kids' eating habits. It tells you if your kids are a healthy eater, regular eater, picky eater, or if it is case where you are dealing with extreme picky eating

4. Based on eating habits of your kids, tool then recommends some quick tips and tricks so that your kid could inculcate life-long healthy eating habits. 

This is super-quick and useful way for parents to know how healthy their kids' eating behaviour is before they start worrying about it. So, does your kid have healthy eating habits? Use our quick tool and find out here - healthy or picky eating test 

Feel free to share this tool with parents you may know :).